Damian Racut

I feel that Damian is someone who may benefit from getting a frame with a shorter top tube. I like his riding regardless, but his bike looks a bit big for him.

Leen Beef Box Hill Edit

Friends @ Box Hill ^ _ ^

New Hoang Tran

Nice, nice nice, nice, nice.

Queensland ppl in Melbourne

Here is a video of some athletes from Queensland trying their skills against some Melbourne terrain. Jye Stuart is fab and so is Jason Peterson.

Josh Bedford retires

It brings me great sadness that Bedford has stepped down from the ranks as a professional BMX rider.

He had hoped to 'go out with a bang' in his final video via Defgrip, but unfortunately broke both his elbows.

You read it here first. Frenchie and all those other B grade TCU bloggers are sleeping on the real news ;)

Ben Coffey - Hard Hard is it?

Well I somehow stumbled across this gem. Very progressive riding from the time out of WA.

Cool as.

Bob Scerbo - All Time Low

Robert just quit Animal and seems a little unhappy about it - I got an inkling of this when he posted some salty stuff about them not making his small bars any more because they weren't economical viable or something. Seemed pretty fair to me on Animals behalf, who knows.

Also I'm in Vietnam at the moment and I got really sick and had to go to hospital and they actually have really great hospitals here (well the one international one in Ho Chi Minh).

Here is his part when he was on FBM.