A couple nights ago I was hanging out with Adam Hough and Danimal at fitzroy bowl.

Danimal mentioned how he won the first ever stop of Alan Cooke's Local Exposure tour back in 2004 in Ohio.

He also suggested I watch this video- "Here goes nothing".

I really loved the vid, all the best features of mid 2000s riding including little handlebars, squeaky brakes, song-jacks, indian-givers and an epic crash section- but more importantly, really great riding from a time before the divide between street riders and skatepark riders developed.

Both Adam Hough (21:18) and Danimal's (27:06) sections were seriously awesome. Lots of wild moves. Please watch ->

PS I was unsuccessful in finding the first local exposure video online. the BMX move database site is kind of busted, all the links dont work and no one has been updating the site. wtf guys.

a couple really good bmx videos worth a watch

This one popped up a few days ago on my youtube feed. It didn't seem overhyped yet the riding was of the highest standard. Lots of new school stuff. I am a fan of Tyler Fernangel and I like that he gets included in things despite being a shrimpy looking character.

Johnny Raekes earns the spilt milk seal of approval because he reminds me of a young Seth Kimbrough c. 2002 with the sketchy bike and uncanny trick combos.

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Kevin Robinson

A few months ago Kevin pulled the sickest bmx trick ever, which was an 84 foot backflip between two distant wooden ramps while being towed by a car which he survived to the amazement of his family and kids who thought he was gonna die (I also thought he was gonna die), well done Kevin u rule.


What a good video

This was a great video, good job Mastroni, I am going to watch it a couple more times to figure out who the people are doing the tricks cause they all look the same -



I have just wasted over an hour on the internet

one of the things i did was watch this video, i thought it was pretty good


Jason Enns frame promo video

For some reason ive always enjoyed watching enns ride - not sure what it is as his riding is not exactly cutting edge. you know youre at least going to get something a little different, unique. this video is awesome - great original music choice, awesome editing and nothing but tech pool riding. bmx og legend brian terada makes an appearance and does his signature bar to ice stall.



interesting X games videos

Hi blog

here are some videos i found interesting.

note that Spilt Milk predicted the results ages ago

3rd was enarson:

2nd was Colt Fake- congrats to Colt he rules

1st as we knew was Garrett- well done Garrett.

It was weird that rooftop was complaining about Garrett's riding during the commentary.

Yes of course he does a lot of barspins and tailwhips but he does them in a way no one else can.


new Brandon Begin discussion

Brandon Begin has good style.

He rides a bike, dresses, and seemingly behaves in a v casual manner.

The way he decorates his bike is cool

I liked watching this video and it made me feel like getting off the computer and going to ride my bike which I am going to go do now bye.

- do you agree?

Chris Spicer makes a post with a video

The reason that Chris Spicer doesn't make posts with videos is that he has no computer.

On his behalf I make the following post:


awesome aggressive riding, cool candy Willie wonka theme, good song - all round excellent work 8.5/10 short and sweet

oz park riding at its finest"


X Games Real BMX Results (sort of)

Don't bother voting, the results are already in:

1st: Garrett Reynolds [best]

2nd: Van Homan [cause of his age and that ender]

3rd: Colt Fake [badass dude]

4th: Dennis Enarson [arguably worthy of a higher placing but oh well soz dennis]

5th: Dakota Roche [haven't actually watched his part yet soz dak]

6th: Devon Smillie [cause it's filmed with a go-pro]



what is 'bmx'?

- Bmx is an extreme sport. Other similar extreme sports are mountain biking, snowboarding, freestyle motocross.

- bmx requires skills such as courage, air awareness, and balance

- Bmx can be divided into many subdivisions, or disciplines, such as vert ramp, mega ramp, flatland, street, dirt

- male riders currently outnumber female riders

- The videos below feature a number of different male bmx athletes performing at a high level of bmx difficulty