Hobie Doan

Wow, great riding in this one. Proper BMX riding.

"dad bod"

adam you're meant to edit out all the shaky bits at the start and end of each clip lel

Dad Bod from blue on Vimeo.

Chris Childs

Chris Childs is the best rider in the world right now

Mikey Creek

SM homie, Mikey Creek did some moves at tha skatepark he helped get made.


is on some next level shit. How did I miss this?

Logan Martin goes to China

Ever since I watched "Mao's Last Dancer" I've realised how strict the Chinese are in judging the technical abilities of their performing artists.

Logan Martin does not escape these stringent assessments and the commentators are clearly not happy with his efforts in this video which I found to be quite enjoyable.

Chicago "street style" event

Here is the full television coverage of Chicago Dew Tour Street Style.

The course is reminiscent of mid 90s X-games street courses- I kind of like that. BMX has returned to its roots.

Seeing Chris Childs with his tall seat and brake cable was a breath of fresh air.

Tyler Fernanglel continues his bad luck at street style events by copying Drew Bezanson's outfit exactly.