German BMX riders

Video of some German BMX riders.

Song: 1/10
Editing: .5/10
Riding: 8.5/10

The other guys were better than the main guy but this was still pretty cool.


Super psyched! Alex Topper was set to blow up for a min in 08 09, it sucks that he slipped out of the spotlight. Here he is riding with Dan Foley and which for one proves that Dan has some friends (shock! see: self filmed edits) and that Alex still exists.

Here is some OG Alex Topper which I have posted on here before. This sort of shit is why Spilt Milk kicks ass - lol. Shut up Adam.

the future of bmx-

Alexey Ashimin

Take ur pegs off and don't get a coaster. 2k16 + 17.

Jay Dalton

This edit was great- I like to see footage of woodward east. Apparently Jay works as an instructor there which must be a dream job. Adam you should submit your resume you are well qualified.

Jay's riding reminds me of Tony Hamlin c 2004.

Very impressive style.

Jay Dalton Destroys Woodward - More BMX Videos

Hobie Doan

Wow, great riding in this one. Proper BMX riding.

"dad bod"

adam you're meant to edit out all the shaky bits at the start and end of each clip lel

Dad Bod from blue on Vimeo.