Ed will love this one. Also thanks Ed for that satirical post about my riding 'career' you are a v funny dude. For the record - no full face helmets were worn, I left that for the real 'prodigal' kids with Dad's who are their 'coaches' and yell at them to do backflips.


Josh Heino in Nowhere Fast

Josh Heino's bmx star-dome peaked in the 90's and apart from Road Fools 8 and the Credence road trip in Props 63/64 I'd never really seen much coverage of him. He had a cool signature Wethepeople frame in 2002 called the Omen. I used to daydream that I had an Omen and I had two pegs and a straight cable and I would ride down the street to the local skatepark. Here is a picture of the Omen's back end.

Josh's part in Nowhere Fast came to my attention recently; my interest in Nowehere Fast was sparked by that rig bmx magazine graph chart post on comeup. Dave Young's part was pretty good but Heino's section is nuts. I didn't know he was a vert dog as well as a street rider. This is a very Frenchie way of finishing a video description, but that last clip really was really crazy.

Edward Ounapuu

I've had a very long relationship with bmx bicycles, about 15 years, yet I've never been very good at riding them. The following video contains some dadcam footage of me, mostly from 2012 and 2013. Music by my homie Tim French.

-Scratch the surface- So Cal

I've got some spare time at work so I've been checking out the new DIG site. I haven't really had a chance to scope it out until now. It's pretty impressive and I'm glad the DIG crew are keeping things going even after their print magazine failed.

This "So Cal" vid sort of has the same vibe as one of the old Props roadtrip sections would. Maybe DIG can turn in to the new Props now that Props is dead. That would be an unexpected plot twist. It was great to see lots of Brian Terada footage and even some Sean "fish" Hoskins footage. It was kind of hard to get a good look at Fish's bike in this video but it almost looked like he had a front brake on for a moment. No pegs, no gyro and front and back brakes is a very under-rated set up.

Adam Stone

Adam Stone, aka "Blue", is a prodigious bmx rider from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Long before I knew him, a young teenage Adam could regularly be found sessioning his local skatepark, Camberwell, jumping around between ramps and boosting big tailwhips. I heard he used to wear a full-face helmet on the street course. The pinnacle of the young park rider Adam's video output is below. A lot of people responded to this edit with "Wtf, how does he do decades so easily".

In the next few years Adam went through a transformation similar to that of Luke Skywalker or Hamlet the Dane. From what was a single focus skatepark-rider became an all round bmx genius. As early as the following edit we see signs of young Adam opening his mind to tricks outside the skatepark.

Further evidence of Adam's evolution comes from his Vital BMX exclusive, and spare footage from Doug Underhill's unpublished DVD - behold the addition of pegs.

Adam's gradual moderisation included shedding of the brakes:

And even his semi full-face helmet:

Adam's experience now encompasses all facets of bmx practice, and as such, he holds a broad perspective from which to evaluate the riding of others. Adam has shown that within himself there is an infinite capacity for connecting with and relating to riders from any point on the skatepark rider - street rider spectrum. Given that Adam's roots are in skatepark riding, he looks upon park riders with compassion and tolerance, especially when they also start to venture outside of the ramp world and hit the streets.

Chase frame promo

I anticipate this will be a similar success to the T1 in Colarado video that has a ton of views. People love HD bowl riding and that whole camping vibe.

I really love someone shredding a bowl (skater or rider) to some solid riffs.



this crew is from vancouver i think. there's a lot of beautiful scenery there. the pole jams into that grass bank at 0:45 in the virst vid = A ++ because it looks really pleasant and summer-y