Posh - Road Fools

This is beautiful.

I used to be pretty into riding trails and this is totally how I think it should be. I loved all the footage of the bails/ejects and the stiffness of trying to get through a line. Also the command Chris Stauffer has over his bike is pretty spectacular. Crispy have an article on him (the catalyst for this post) and I was thinking that it would be impossible to ride the way he does in this day and age. I think there is a special magic that comes from his bike being a bit heavier, by the way he whips it you can just tell that its more fluid and that it is taking more 'artistry' to kick it out the way he does. There is a certain grace that you don't see with anyone these days. Sure someone like Kris Fox does some wild kick outs and nac nacs, but they are aggressive and the bike flicks around so much faster and I honestly think it impacts on how it looks.

Just a thought.

really sick riding from chase gouin

lots of sick decades. I like seeing the progression of style from two brakes to no brakes. the high speed brakeless lines towards the end are rad.

Inspirational Man

Expectations are a funny thing. Entering into a mental process with preconceived biases can hugely influence the outcome. This concept can be readily observed on a daily basis. Our fundamental attitudes, beliefs and values govern the way we interpret our experiences. Some believe that open-mindedness and removing expectations can increase happiness and reduce cynicism. The first noble truth of Buddhism is that "life is suffering". Mentally expecting and preparing for such suffering can equip one with willingness to overcome challenges that one encounters.

Recently a Youtube video emerged that recieved a lot of negative feedback on face-book and thecomeup. My natural response to this was to prepare myself for something shocking and offensive. However when I finally viewed this clip it turned out to be a little different to my expectations!

What we are actually observing here is the story of a man who is turning adversity into opportunity. Jack has the admirable quality that when faced with the painful misfortune of a crippling BMX injury, he has the hope and perseverance not only to maintain optimism but to be able to so rapidly direct his creative energies to other avenues, such as aussie hip hop. Frankly, the lack of maturity of the BMX community in its response to this video was a little disappointing!

Also of interest is "A day in the life of Jack Fahey"; see below.


There is some excellent riding here. If you're tired of games of BIKE featuring Stevie Churchill hit play. Highlights include:

- Chad Degroot's part at 12:17. It has the best riding, the best fashion, and the best clip in the whole video which is an unprecedented backwards manual to half decade at 12:55.

- Taj back when he did rails. Section begins at 22:35.

- Dave Friemuth's section at 9:25 is also pretty good

- NOTE: 21:35 is the best looking truckdriver that has ever and will ever be done


Wow. So last night Ed came over and he refused to watch any street videos. He reckons he is a park rider now and wants to bring back lip tricks like what Dave Friemuth (spelling?) used to do.

Well, this edit isn't quite that, its still very comp style big trick park riding, but the choice of tricks is impeccable. The bloke can do superman seatgrab x up airs, so he's pretty up with whats good.

My personal highlights were the superman seatgrab flip whip and the 5 bar, bar back truck air and the horrible song. He also rides on the beach which is funny considering the below post.

Beach BMX

When I was younger I used to build sand jumps at my parents beach house. Obviously sand is very hard to pack down and compress, so these things never really worked. In all honesty though, they weren't as bad as you thought. Anyway, you can imagine it, not only were the jumps made out of sand, but the take off was more than twice as high as the landing, because hey, who really cares about landings. I know I am really rambling now, but that was what most of my jumps were like as a kid. It takes so much fucking effort to build the take off, that by the time you get to the landing you don't really care any more and all you want to do is just bloody ride!

Getting on with things, one time I was hauling ass at this sand jump and because of the nature of the sand, you never knew how much it was going to sink in. Well this time I got bucked so hard forwards, I ended up nose manualling for ages and the seat whacked my in the ass so hard I couldn't sit down on it for about two weeks.

Since then I always thought it would be dope to ride on the beach, like set up a lil flat rail or something and put out an edit to piss people off or something. I found a couple of cool spots and I really wanted to do a decade off this rock with the sunset in the background. I had cover dreams for that odd little endeavour. Anyway, none of that fruity shit ever happened.

However, a FBM dude rode a rock/sandstone wall in California and here is the video of it.