The most underrated section ever?

Shanky (Shayn Steels) fucking kills it. He is still underrated but this section from appx. 2008 is the bees knees. If you don't know I make a lot of art of people falling and stuff and the start of the section would be good material if it was in HD, lol.

Anyway, this is great and worth a re watch:

Where it all went wrong for Ricany


He still sucks, however, I cannot stop playing his recent Primo web vid because of that damn song... so good! I have included it below:

Dave Thompson

You never hear a whole lot about this guy but he has put out some good video parts. His most memorable would have to be his props bio and his section in Killjoy which was ONE OF THE WORST EDITED VIDEOS EVER, what the fuck was up with all those dumb GoPro HD fisheye angles, it seemed to odd and out of context with the rest of the video's aesthetic. It is a pity because the riders are good and by the sound of things (I read an interview with him) the guy who put the video together (whose name escapes me right now) was a smart guy and quite possibly even an artist. Him and his misso live in some crazy ass abandoned mansion type thing in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a cool article. I think it was in DIG. Anyway, that's my very rudimentary commentary. Videos below:

Colt Fake

This one was a banger. Thought it would be good to give it a re watch.

Jamie Shipston

UK fetish continues! This is why ya check this blog and not dem big $ellout oners.

seperated at birth

dan lacey

macaulay culkin

bmx Tumblrs

Tumblr is a type of blog. A number of bmx riders use Tumblr. Here are some good ones that you should follow:

James Newrick


Fluke life


Fuck knows

Billy Starr