interesting X games videos

Hi blog

here are some videos i found interesting.

note that Spilt Milk predicted the results ages ago

3rd was enarson:

2nd was Colt Fake- congrats to Colt he rules

1st as we knew was Garrett- well done Garrett.

It was weird that rooftop was complaining about Garrett's riding during the commentary.

Yes of course he does a lot of barspins and tailwhips but he does them in a way no one else can.


new Brandon Begin discussion

Brandon Begin has good style.

He rides a bike, dresses, and seemingly behaves in a v casual manner.

The way he decorates his bike is cool

I liked watching this video and it made me feel like getting off the computer and going to ride my bike which I am going to go do now bye.

- do you agree?

Chris Spicer makes a post with a video

The reason that Chris Spicer doesn't make posts with videos is that he has no computer.

On his behalf I make the following post:


awesome aggressive riding, cool candy Willie wonka theme, good song - all round excellent work 8.5/10 short and sweet

oz park riding at its finest"


X Games Real BMX Results (sort of)

Don't bother voting, the results are already in:

1st: Garrett Reynolds [best]

2nd: Van Homan [cause of his age and that ender]

3rd: Colt Fake [badass dude]

4th: Dennis Enarson [arguably worthy of a higher placing but oh well soz dennis]

5th: Dakota Roche [haven't actually watched his part yet soz dak]

6th: Devon Smillie [cause it's filmed with a go-pro]



what is 'bmx'?

- Bmx is an extreme sport. Other similar extreme sports are mountain biking, snowboarding, freestyle motocross.

- bmx requires skills such as courage, air awareness, and balance

- Bmx can be divided into many subdivisions, or disciplines, such as vert ramp, mega ramp, flatland, street, dirt

- male riders currently outnumber female riders

- The videos below feature a number of different male bmx athletes performing at a high level of bmx difficulty


Home Movie

made a new video


road fools 15

Props mentioned on fb that this trip was now over 10 years ago. I just re-watched the video for the first time in ages and DANG the riding definitely all holds up to today's standards.

Pretty much the only difference is everyone has slightly smaller bars and brakes on.

Karl poynter, the misfit guy with the freecoaster in 2006 is doing better stuff than the commoncrew new school clones of today anyway.

Mandatory viewing if you haven't seen this.


Nitro Circus World Games BMX "triple hit"

- I'm glad they condensed the event into 15 minutes
- TJ (?Lavin) was making a lot of errors commentating
- "If BMX freestyle were in the Olympics, this is the format it should take." - Do you agree?
- The interview at the end went horribly.


hello spilt milk

Hi. I've been on holiday for a little while but I am now back. Thanks to Chris for holding things down with some great posts about who he thinks sucks in bmx. Here are some videos I have liked from the last month that I intend to watch again multiple times.

Chad Johnson:
This vid had some sick stuff. How original!

Only from 14:16 - Elstran's part is great; what I've seen of the other parts was uninteresting.

Ryan Howard:
Totally sick street riding.

Jake Coulson:
This guys riding is really clean. Impressed!

Dennis Enarson:
Even my non bmx riding asian friend liked this video.

Harry Main and Mark Webb:
My two fav park riders produced new edits. Yay!


I don't understand Sean Burns

I just don't really get Sean Burns; I don't understand the way he dresses, I dont get bonedeth of bonebabes, I don't get why he persisted with a 44 t sprocket.  Why did he slam his sprocket onto a bums head? - that's super mean and lame, he probably thought it was funny.

I mean Sean Burns is a relic of bmx past so he's not really even relevant anymore but I don't really think he ever embodied the spirit of bmx or anything - people like van homan and Sean Mac do that with big gaps and an I don't give a fuck attitude.  I think Sean Burns gives a lot of fucks about lots of things.

I mean he went and did the Brooklyn banks gap and did a t bog over it then got pissed when hoder 360 d it.  Wtf is a t bog anyway? That shits weak.

Have you ever tried to watch a metal bikes video part?   They're always uploaded in like 240 p and are unwatchable.

Sean officially became uncool when he talked shit on Lz then shortly after everyone copied lz.


The big questions in bmx today

1.  Have Adam.lz and Nicole rooted yet, I mean they're married now.
2.  Did Adam lz and Nicole root before getting married?
3.  Did Adam lz marry Nicole just to root her and rooted her and now realised marriage is for life and wants out
4.  Will the etnies video suck?   It has Nathan Williams and Aaron Ross so probably yes.  Hopefully chase hawk can redeem it
5.  Are Adam lz and Spencer foresman still friends?
6.  Will stranger ever release the Adam lz Sig frame or is this a feud in the making?
7.  Has Adam 22 completely neglected TCU to do a new project - no jumper
8.  How long before John Hicks stops making webisodes because his awkwardness on camera starts to pervade his every waking moment 
9.  Is scootering coooler than bmx?  Yes.