PDSII - Left Ovaz

Like a scooter kids hot Mum at the Skatepark

Volume - Tate Roskelly

He is another section from the skate DVD.

Tate is an incredible rider. He really pushes the boundaries of what is possible. I think he takes it too far and makes things look cheesy. I really admire his vision though. Some of the tricks in this section are fucking amazing and so cool, and others are really abysmally dorky. I've watched it once and wouldn't watch it again, but as I've said I really respect his vision.

If someone was to curate all of Tate's cool shit and put it together with some really raw, real street you would have the makings of one of the best riders ever - but unfortunately Tate doesn't see it that way, I'd say. Its one of those things - to have that vision you have to be so radical. Hopefully someone comes along and can take from Tate's discourse and then apply it to some shit that is really rad and become the best rider ever. Sort of like Ian Schwartz, someone who has the edge, but doesn't jump off too far into fruit-loop-ism.

bmx video

here is my favourite bmx video
xoxo ed

Kym Grosser - The Set

There is only one Kym Grosser.

90 East Bar Promo

After a couple of hate posts, this one is all love, baby.

Volume BMX's 2009 skate video

Here is Drew Hosselton's part in Volume's skate video. Mike Mastroni sucks - he just copies skating from 5+ years ago. Skating is cool, there are more people who actually have brains and don't just want to be MX riders, but, cmon, if you're going to jack skating, at least do some cool shit.

Drew is a very good BMX rider, but I really didn't enjoy this section much. Some tricks didn't count, but regardless it was very mind blowing how creative and difficult some of the moves were.


SRSly BMX this is so lame - a bunch of BMX pro's looking extremely awkward, that is not a really good way to sell clothes that are meant to make you look good. I guess if you are a 15 year old you don't care because you just want to look like Alex Kennedy. But seriously, AK has had proper photos taken of him in i-D so surely he knows how to not be that awkward.

Maybe blame it on the photographer.