WSS UK Summer Shit

This gets me so psyched to be going to the UK in a month to ride. The UK scene is the best scene in the world. They FKN rule, V hyped.

Chris Harti

Oh my god.

Very often a 'filmmaker' will try and do something 'arty' with a BMX video, like that John Hicks dude and it will be a cheesy piece of music video shit.

This video does not do that. It is very tastefully edited and really accentuates how fab the riding is. 100000/10

Fucking LOL

Apparently this is nearly out and might end up in US cinemas.

Dylan Lewis

Another fantastic one from Dylan Lewis.

It will be interesting to see what happens with him sponsor/career wise over the next few years.

Matt Hildebrand

Some ready good moves in this one. Could have cut out some of the filler though.


Nick Harris thinks Nigel is washed up. After watching this video I think Nick is wrong.

I want Nigel to buy some of my art. Or Pharell

head first

I am currently watching this for the first time. I am only half way through.

There is some truly amazing stuff here- bmx at its best. Definitely feeling really psyched on a whole lot of levels. I'm posting this here to remind myself that life is so busy but i've gotta keep watching this again and again and keep with it... feeling very pumped

24:35 is so fucked

26:04 holy shit