cool vid -?

woodward is cool.


hosts of spilt milk play game of BIKE

THE BAD NEWS: this video is extremely boring and crap

THE GOOD NEWS: no one checks this blog anyway

videos from that crazy street comp that happened

too bad garret wasn't there


review of daily cruise 16

very good

review of new alex hiam video

It's good.

don't like the music much but that's ok

filming got a bit sketchy a couple times but i certainly can't talk

well done

Bmx #2

Bmx action 6000.

goid blog spodt


new Steven Hamilton vid

I like his style

I wish someone would re edit this without all the little skater clips

this is really enjoyable street riding- fun to watch

Im gonna try and ride on the weekend and film some stuff

also new full length Chris Spicer video part coming soon!!! stay tuned...

need to watch this more

might visit Darryl's bar in Brooklyn when I go there in august maybe say hi to him

sick trix



very stoked, would have been bad times if ricany won. go garrett!


FITZROY BOWL EXTENSION- your help needed

If you don't ever ride Fitzroy Bowl the reason is probably because it's always packed with skaters and it doesn't have lights. The local council is considering extending the skatepark once the old house next to it is demolished. Can everyone please hit THIS link and write a comment in the chat forum to convince the council that more ramps and lights are needed.

x games

Good to see Sean Burns is back at the X games. I hope he jumps out of the course again and I hope no one moves the railing back to where it should be so he lands on it again.

If Garret doesn't win it's rigged.



Here's a photo of a bunch of bikes with pegs on the back. Taiwanese guys use these devices to dink around their hot girlfriends.


ramp video

Sugar is tasty and addictive so food manufacturers often include it in their products.

Energy drinks add caffeine and many other bad things.

Water is the best drink for everyone.

Monster Energy drink have made another great video and the riding is excellent.