The big questions in bmx today

1.  Have Adam.lz and Nicole rooted yet, I mean they're married now.
2.  Did Adam lz and Nicole root before getting married?
3.  Did Adam lz marry Nicole just to root her and rooted her and now realised marriage is for life and wants out
4.  Will the etnies video suck?   It has Nathan Williams and Aaron Ross so probably yes.  Hopefully chase hawk can redeem it
5.  Are Adam lz and Spencer foresman still friends?
6.  Will stranger ever release the Adam lz Sig frame or is this a feud in the making?
7.  Has Adam 22 completely neglected TCU to do a new project - no jumper
8.  How long before John Hicks stops making webisodes because his awkwardness on camera starts to pervade his every waking moment 
9.  Is scootering coooler than bmx?  Yes.

Scientific facts

New fact:. Nathan Williams is the most boring unimaginative trend follower in bmx

So Nathan Williams pissed me off when he copied Colin varanyak's ender clip in animal house he now goes out and copies Garrett Reynolds backwards grind to wall ride.

Just straight up copying oyher people doing progressive shit.  Being progressive is not copying someone else doing something new, it doesn't make you as good as them, it makes you a clone.  :)))


Dentist check

Name:. Edward 0
Occupation:. Fake dentist
Favourite dental instrument:. The plunger
Stem:. Animal bikes hamer stem, inverted
Frame:. Garrett hoogerhyde signature - mafia bikes
Front tyre:. Animal.glh
Check list:. Fitzroy - tick Melbourne bitter -tick denim.jacket stolen from.his.mom - tick Beanie in summer tick computer screen - tick


John Hicks webisode review

"what is up y'all I'm.about to head over to the oss house and hopefully ride with Stevie and the gang, hopefully - sometimes theyre not there so let's hope theyre there, sometimes theyre there...sometimes yeah you just can't get in so yeah we will have to see ...anyway... - hopefully they're there" - John hicks in every video ever

" Beautiful day in downtown los Angeles I think the weather is perfect for riding, actually sometimes it's just too hot and you can't ride but yeah sometimes it's perfect, let's hope it stays like this... Perfect I mean... not too hot ..we will see I guess...moving forward"

John hicks.talks about how he's the most knowledgeable guy in bmx about cameras then films an entire dialogue in his car and you can't hear a word he's saying and you wish you were watching a video with Adam lz production

Overall he's vlogs have greatly imoroved in terms of video and sound quality - less camera shake and less poor audio.  He is also consistent with releasing content, and has a theme with intro music and drone shots.

I don't watch every one and dont look forward to them.  Biggest detractor is his way of interacting with the camera where he doesn't make clear statements and just kinda warbles off and finishes with a "moving on" or "anyway" or a generally positive comment like "let's hope [this doesn't happen or this happens]" as alluded to above lol



Best oz riders eva

1. Corey Bohan - engaged to Adrianna or some shit from the hills - a show from 2006
2.  Ryan Guettler - apparently had sex with Ryan shecklers mum but you'll have to confirm that yourself
3.  Actually have no fukn clue from here Colin McKay - dude had a video part on a fox video where he did a tail whip hop as a stand alone trick ROFL
4.  Luke FINK - BEST oz riser Eva imo gave up to drift cars , just like Adam lz
5.  Not sure if this is funny or if Ed and overload SM manger Adam is gonna hate me
6.  The dude from Melbourne who rides for the Set which is lol in itself - fuck can't remember his name right now, he rides street though - just remembered - kym grosser
7.  (In no particular order now) Steven mcann - he had a Sig complete with mongoose at one point, don't actually remember him doing anything good
8.  The dude who looked and rode like Corey Nastazio
9.  Nick Cooper - Ryan fudger once wrote about how this guy punched someone.  I remember a vid of him smoking a bong before doing a peg grind down a rail at his house
10.  Alex hiam, Jason Watts
11.  That just about does it
12.  Cam white??
14. Mick Bayzand - saw this dude at camby skatepark drinking a long neck of vb by himself, didn't ride.
15.  Dave Dillewaard - works at strictly bmx now, nice guy + the target of slander from one particular author
16.  Cooper brownlee and guy (Clint Millar) who started colony (what an unfortunate name).  Cooper once famously said there are no more spots to be found in Melbourne as he's searched everywhere
17.  Kyle Baldock - in his TCU TV interview Cory nastazio talks about Kyle baldock being disrespectful and how he Cory punched Kyle s teeth
18.  Josh Irvine - noted for being a dick and destroying an innocent tree
19.  Liam Fahy Hampton - should be higher up the list by meh, dude came outta niwhere, started some sort of short lived chain less thing, was super good at rail rides.  He had the cover of ride doing a rail ride.  Left bmx not long after becoming known, he said he wasn't into it anymore - I don't get that.
20.  Logan Martin - apparently the same person as Kyle baldock - noted for riding in white shoes - like we get it dude you're a clean rider.



Here are a couple dudes riding in Paris.

Anthony Perrin and Matthias Dandois are their names.

It is good.

I am going to Paris 9 days (not taking bike lol oops).









skate video

I don't normally post skate videos because i dont normally watch them

i was going to go street riding in the city tonight but then it started raining and its freezing cold anyway

so im watching these now



Adam and I watched this last night. I paid $12 for it. Given the cast of riders it had the potential to be as epic as Etnies Forward, but the lack of internet hype following its release suggested to me that it probably wasn't.

Overall the riding was really great but the filming and editing were lame and brought the whole video down severely. I was more or less entertained throughout but some parts were a bit cringe-worthy especially Tim "Fuzzy" Hall's introductory narrative to a dirt mix section - I genuinely couldn't understand a word he was saying - it was completely incoherent garbage edited to some "profound" still images of a mountainside.

The only exception was Gary Young's part. For the last few years I thought he was on the decline and heading towards retirement, but his section, the penultimate in the vid, left me completely mind blown. He does a completely fucked up gap to second stage over-smith grind down a huge round rail. Very Dave Thompson-esque in size but I'm pretty sure it wasn't an accident and he really intended to land in over-smith rather than over-double peg. There was a ton of other well thought out burly gaps in this part. Well done Gary.


While we waited for the Vans video to download we watched this [already posted below] and Adam wrote the following review:

- Reminds me of a group of 'lad' scooter riders who are 16 and go to city park.

- Friend [Austin Augie] looks like the worst dressed rider ever

- Get a job

- Americans are so worried about getting sued -> shit place

- Skitching is now officially out

- BORING!!!!


cool vid -?

woodward is cool.


videos from that crazy street comp that happened

too bad garret wasn't there