How to: newspaper handlebars

After I finished year 12 I had a lot of spare time so I covered my bmx handlebars with newspaper articles and clag paste a couple times. I also wrote an article for the Livejournal group "bmxbandits" describing the process. It received some mixed feedback.

It's worth revisiting since while it's now 8 years old, not many other articles since then have described how to cover your handlebars with newspaper, so please click on the link HERE

Good Credits: OSS Football

It's been a while since I made a "good credits" post. I put the song from this section on a mix CD back in 2011 - the other day I was listening to it, which reminded me that I like the credits from OSS Football a lot.

The fashion from this era was cool.

Overall a good vibe.

Rick Allison

Rick was a good bmx rider in the 80s. Here he is doing an interview and pulling some stunts back in the day.

The Commission

Homies from Sydney killing it. Lee is seriously one of the best and most underrated riders in Australia.

Hittle 4 Props

You guys already know I love Ben Hittle.

Here is his Props Bio. I watched this illegally a lot of times when it came out, it was fab. Such a real rider who understands the nuances. Such gr8 style and he looks tough as fuck in the shaved head clips.

Bmx Dirt

On the weekend some drunk guy at Fitzroy bowl asked me what my favourite trick to do is. I wasn't sure how to answer him because I can't do many tricks, and I didn't feel like making conversation with him anyway, but the truth is I don't really like tricks at all, and I think they are the worst aspect of bmx in many ways.

That being said I recently enjoyed watching the 2014 Xgames dirt competition.

Stoked on Kyle Baldock; also loving the irony of Pat Casey's name [cause he cases]

Dan Foley needs some friends

He seems like a cool, mature and switched on guy, how come all his shit is self filmed? Maybe put an ad up on craigslist or something Dan, I'm sure you could find some friends somewhere.