No one actually goes upside down these days

possibly related to global warming. Also adam yeah i regret watching the world cup final was fairly boring.

PR Stuff

I like and respect a lot of "street" riding stuff and some might consider myself as more of a street-orientated rider but a lot of "street" shit these days is so boring and repetitive. To mix things up here are some great PR moments

Kyle Baldock
I get so stoked every time I watch this run from the contest where he blew up on to the scene and won the 2011 first dew tour stop with insane runs, and threw shit down so consistently and perfectly in front of everyone, his brother tragically passed away only days before apparently RIP. Also jamie it was a 900.

Recent Dew Tour
I really loved the course for this contest. Such a throwback to the X-games courses and BS contest courses of the late 90s where dudes like Mirra, Kenan Harkin, Mike Laird and Nyquist dominated. Good to see a huge area with spread out ramps. The moment in the first vid where Nyquist does a truckdriver, a 540 barspin on the quarter, then a flip barspin was genuinely heart warming. Negative comment: Harry Main and everyone else doing "flair" drop-ins... just stop. If you're gonna actually huck a real back flip drop-in then fine but otherwise it's better just to drop in normally.

So lame

LOL. This is bad in so many ways. He is a good rider though.

Can't put a foot wrong

The Make boys are back with this lil sxc number. Shot in between watching the world cup. I didn't watch any of the world cup and they were some really annoying people in New York hanging out in bars and being generally obnoxious when the games were on, it was very annoying (said in the voice of the ethnic woman when Joey Piazza does that derek duster thing in one of the recent Skavenger promos).

However, the other half of Spilt Milk watched the grand final. Cmon Ed...

Jack N 4 BSD

This shit is great. Barely known rider from The Netherlands, great steeze, vx 1000, good graphic design of his shop sponno. 10/10. V fab.

frame-stand tailwhips

Hi there, just a quick note to inform you that tailwhips landing on the frame are officially superior to ones landed on pedals. Adam disagrees but he is wrong.


My boo