Bmx Dirt

On the weekend some drunk guy at Fitzroy bowl asked me what my favourite trick to do is. I wasn't sure how to answer him because I can't do many tricks, and I didn't feel like making conversation with him anyway, but the truth is I don't really like tricks at all, and I think they are the worst aspect of bmx in many ways.

That being said I recently enjoyed watching the 2014 Xgames dirt competition.

Stoked on Kyle Baldock; also loving the irony of Pat Casey's name [cause he cases]

Dan Foley needs some friends

He seems like a cool, mature and switched on guy, how come all his shit is self filmed? Maybe put an ad up on craigslist or something Dan, I'm sure you could find some friends somewhere.

WSS UK Summer Shit

This gets me so psyched to be going to the UK in a month to ride. The UK scene is the best scene in the world. They FKN rule, V hyped.

Chris Harti

Oh my god.

Very often a 'filmmaker' will try and do something 'arty' with a BMX video, like that John Hicks dude and it will be a cheesy piece of music video shit.

This video does not do that. It is very tastefully edited and really accentuates how fab the riding is. 100000/10

Fucking LOL

Apparently this is nearly out and might end up in US cinemas.

Dylan Lewis

Another fantastic one from Dylan Lewis.

It will be interesting to see what happens with him sponsor/career wise over the next few years.

Matt Hildebrand

Some ready good moves in this one. Could have cut out some of the filler though.