dumb video that i sometimes watch

just cause i like the look of his kitchen/ cat/ shirt

Reviews of things:

Review of Strangeways volume three:

Such a great vid. So many great moments. Favourite section was Jambuls of course, but was solid from start to finish - well done to all involved.

Review of CCs tasty Cheese:

Bought for $2.50 since they were on special and doritos were $3.40. Definitely enjoyable would eat again if on special. Quite tangy.

Review of the song I'm listening to right now:

It's "everywhere" by "Fleetwood Mac". Pretty solid.

Review of my day:

Yep pretty good had a great run on the way home from work, made it in just over an hour, v rare.


also real men restrict themselves to the lil skatepark 2 min from their house

nah jk might go street riding one day soon


Nike Glasgow/Genoa

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This edit by Nike is pretty much perfect, I have watched it many times since it came out, and it would be cool to be able to go back in time to 1998 and show it to a bmx street rider then and watch their reaction to the riding.

diogo vital edit

this would have been so legit if he didnt have those XXXL axle nuts which are pretty much pegs anyway


update your bmx blog


i am updating spilt milk with a new post about this video i made yesterday

due to new and improved technology you can enjoy in 1080p and without the "serious interlacing" (Ridebmx.com, 2016) that marred Ben's recent edit.

below is a collage i made a while ago.

to see more of my art and some bmx and non-bmx photos i take, please go to pboisei, tumblr blog


Lino Gonzalez in Animal - All Day

A good bmx video has good music.  Animal always have good videos because they have good music.  This video here features Lino riding to a Mazzy Star song.  Thank you to Animal and Bob Scerbo who used to edit Animal videos for introducing me to music such as this.  This song suits Lino's tech, calculated, slow grind style.


Ben McDonald rides bmx at Box Hill

Here's a video I made of Ben, who I've known for many years.

He is a local at Box Hill skatepark, and no one rides the park as well as he does in my opinion.

Ben put a lot of effort into riding for this which I appreciate and I'd like to formally apologize to him and everyone for how retarded I am with holding a camera still and choosing good angles etc.

best flatland run ever



Was feeling shit about going to work tomorrow but then I watched Animal House and I felt better about life again. If you don't watch Animal House - or at least parts of it - at least two to three times a week you should be ashamed of yourself.

I went to Navaz's YouTube account and found this absolute gem of a vid called Japanimal, featuring the animal dudes in Japan in 2013. Got me hyped on life, and hyped on the fact that I'm leaving the country in the not too distant future. A lot of supposed filmers and video creators in BMX could take some notes from Navaz.

Animal House is a fukn masterpiece. Navaz seems the master of blending in riding clips, with clips and snippets from locals and oddities in the streets of the cities he's in, with vibes from the riding crew he's with. All in all just quality. Almost semi-documentary - as in the video gives a create impression of what it would be like to be in that city. Fuckkk.....

This and Animal House is a documentation of a city and it's people through the lens of BMX; it's more than just a BMX video.



original content: old footage off my camera

I use shit old cameras to make videos because theyre $20 off ebay and look cool but getting the footage onto a computer is hard and my previous USB device failed many months ago so i have been filming hours of stuff and filling up tapes but not uploading it from the tapes so I bought a $200 PCI tv tuner off the internet to upload my vhs tapes in 1080p HD but the drivers wont install on my computer or something i dont know why - here is some old footage that I filmed 5 months ago before my usb thingy broke

note: I sort of suck at filming but most of the problem is related to the fact that these cameras dont have a screen you can look at while youre rolling with a fisheye, which makes it really hard to not cut off the rider from the frame, hmm soz.

also i dont have a proper handle for the camera- might buy one of those camera mount things one day

hopefully soon ill be able to make some more original content - also ive decided im not going to post any more adam lz related things on this blog because i feel i may be alienating our viewers if we have any -

"webisode" reviews

1: the come up

because this wasn't filmed by john hicks and was just adam 22 holding his iphone it was more watchable than usual. Usually john hicks struggles with maintaining his composure while talking into the camera and acts really unnatural. This was raw footage of people riding a street plaza and I liked it but it didn't really leave me feeling motivated to go ride for some reason. Maybe because the riding was too good? or maybe because it was all ledge grinding and I dont like the idea of bmx riders needing to bunnyhop.

2. Adam LZ

This was cool because it was pure bike riding and not talking about cars although I do enjoy seeing a little bit of lz's life sometimes such as nicole and the gross sugary food he eats and his dumb friends. This bearded guy seems relatively cool and level headed.

3. Daily Cruise

The FTL people don't even identify their videos as webisodes and I like that. Often it more about getting to see cool aspects of new york city that makes these videos great. The music is well chosen and placed. Also the damn gopro camera is so crispy and smooth- how the hell is it so crispy and smooth. These guys don't care too much about talking about what they're doing today they just go out and film some stuff- the lack of a forced performance for the camera makes these videos the winner in my book.


Box Hill Comp

Went to the comp at Box Hill yesterday and managed to film a few runs before my phone died.  Ben Mac's second run (which I didn't film lol) was nice and he ended up winning the comp.  It was cool to see a lot of the younger riders out and getting into it.

Announcer highlight: "very technical, very typical".