BHP, The FocalPoint Before FocalPoint

Box Hill Pride was a group of bmx riders from the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Among that group was a goofy looking Cooper Brownlee. With the help of the Sablinskis brothers Andre and Leon, Cooper started the FocalPoint zine, a crudely stapled together xerox black and white mag. The first time I ever came across FocalPoint was inside Strictly BMX's Camberwell shop. There was a pile of them sitting on the counter and I so badly wanted to take one, but I wasn't entirely sure that were free and was too shy to ask. A few more issues passed and I finally got the balls to take one, which I still have. Eventually most of the BHP dudes moved on from bmx, but Cooper kept the ball rolling with FocalPoint and that's all she wrote.

PS. Cooper's section in this video (part 2 @ 11:34) is one of my all time favourite sections and I used to watch it pretty much every time before I went riding.

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