Ruben's Etnies Legacy

Ruben Alcantara is a BMX god. He had a fantastic, groundbreaking section in Etnies forward which came out at a time when everyone was wearing those chunky Etnies shoes that had a vertical e t n i e s logo on them. I think they might have been Rooftop's signature ones, not sure. He also had another section which was released around '07 (I think) in Etnies Grounded. I think the title of that film was/is very lame. They also used a skate videographer to film the whole thing and it had this silly 'interlude' thing with these Etnies sponges. Apparently they ripped that off a skate video. However, a redemptive factor of that video was Ruben's section, which one again blew the collective mind of the BMX world. That was Ruben's last section before he had serious back problems, which changed his style forever. His current BMX is amazing and reflects his growing interest in surfing. It's a pity that people don't pay as much attention to the way he is progressing BMX at the moment. I know what he is doing now is not as crazy as in the past, but it is equally progressive.

Anyway, enjoy these important films.

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