David Grant Lotek Mixtape #2 (TIYBOL)

I fucking love Lotek. I love Stranger and Rich flat out rules. Unfortunately, for one reason or another Lotek was struggling pretty badly on the shoe front and Stranger never really kicked off. Instead of TIYBOL having the same impact as the first mixtape it sort of dwindled and fell away. A lot of the sections were still pretty damn good but got taken down because the riders quit Lotek. That really sucked because I liked to watch this section regularly. Anyway, after patching things up (I presume) the section re emerged for our viewing pleasure.

Since then David Grant has gone on to become a superstar on BSD (after going through 1000000 sponsors in a week) and I love his riding. His welcome to BSD edit is probably the best web edit ever. He is also team mates a friend of Spilt Milk, Liam Zingbergs (ding), I wonder where the name Zingbergs comes from, pretty strange last name.

Enough nonsense from me.

Here's the video:

LOTEK/DAVID GRANT/2011 from Lotek on Vimeo.

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