Alistair Whitton

I lied. Alistair Whitton did improve his bmx skills beyond 2001. The deeper one looks into my posts on Spilt Milk the more one finds they are full of untruths.

In 2002 he appeared at the Toronto La Revolution doing 360 downside tailwhips over the spine, baffling onlookers. In the X-games that year he tried a really crazy handplant transfer over a 2 metre wide sub box with a large blind drop on the other side, landing into a big quarter pipe at right angles to the one he took off from. As far as I can remember he had a good part in the Macneil video too.

While he dresses kind of weirdly and displayed various symptoms of ADHD on road fools 9 and 11, he was a demonstrator at woodward for a long time, helping kids learn tricks, and as youtube user "easternbikes22" testifies: "i met him at woodward, hes a nice guy, he gave me his pegs when i needed a pair."

His riding in the shadow video from 2005 is not bad at all and the banger is really awesome.

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