Dave Mirra

Dave Mirra began competing in bmx in the 1990s. He started his career by appearing at bmx freestyle and flatland events as a young 14 year old. He achieved recognition for his talents and passion for riding, and was dubbed a "wonder boy". By the late 90s his ESPN X-games victories and media attention saw him grow more and more douchey - he became a household name and a minor celebrity. His riding from this period is genuinely enjoyable to watch. The tricks he does are really different from todays competition runs, and he's quite good at technical stuff and oppo grinds and spins.

Dave's career reached its pinnacle in the early 2000s. The only cool thing he ever did was go on Road Fools 9, but he left that trip early due to some media commitment or something. Dave's riding was in decline in 2006 when he quit Haro Bikes to start his own brand "Mirra-co". They started off with an amazing team, produced the video below, but gradually all the good riders left and the brand has always been stinky.

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