Melbourne BMX '06

This is a gem. Ever since I first met Danimal around this time he had been filming for his 'elusive' DVD. As the years went by, different excuses cropped up as to why he hadn't made it - I swapped to HD, I just need a bit more footage among others. Soon it became clear that this DVD was never going to eventuate, which was such a pity because the guys I was riding with at the time were doing some fucking mental shit. I was 14 at the time this was filmed and pretty much everyone in this video was someone I idolised. Its so sad though, when people put so much into a section or filming with someone and then it never amounts into anything. It seems this happens all too much in BMX.

I guess things have changed a bit with the advancements of the internet allowing people to upload DVD length videos if they decide not to make a hard copy. In the years to come after these clips, Danimal's riding became a bit patchy and he ended up spending more time filming than riding. With all the footage he got he could have made 10 DVDs. DT did a bloody curved wallride to flip! And that footage only surfaced recently.

This is not having a dig at Danimal at all, he's a friend of mine and a very talented rider and filmer, but I just think its a big pity that his DVD never came out when it should have. It perhaps could have helped out certain riders with sponsorship opportunities who really deserved them.

It is also interesting to look back on a window of time and see what has changed. Most people who are in this section no longer ride and guys who were once best friends have since had significant fallings out.

All commentary aside, enjoy the section, it would have made a mental DVD in '06. Its a great insight to the Melbourne scene with a couple of dudes from other states too.

Aus Scene Bmx 06 from Daniel Rosenthal on Vimeo.

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