Ruel Erickson

Was a dirt jumper from the 90's to early 00's. He rode for both Hyper and Diamondback at different times throughout his career. He did some crazy shit and was the only person (that I know of) to do a superman decade. He comes from a time when dirt contests were paramount and the best way to see the craziest tricks. I have an old VHS 'How I wasted My Summer' which is an awful, trashy MX inspired take on BMX, that he features in. Old Primo dude and Coalition founder Greg Walsh wrote a review for it in 2000 for Transworld which you can see here. As terrible as that video is, its actually pretty amazing in a trashy way. The final section is the KOD '99 at Huntington Beach in CA. Its fucking great. The Ego's, the tricks and the atmosphere are amazing. Nyquist does a flip bar to tuck, which is some serious next level shit, about 10+ years ahead of its time.

Enjoy the below photo of Ruel and this awful/amazing video on his BMX riding, which it would seem he uploaded to youtube.

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