Will Stroud is a song jack'er

For some reason this is no longer the most heinous crime in BMX. It too has mirrored the advent of the Indian giver and is no longer quite the faux pas it once was. Levis' little flop into BMX was great for a while, they produced some cool videos which continued the longevity of the late Shook Interactive DVD series aesthetic, but eventually lost momentum. In a way Levi's failed entry to BMX rests upon their failed DVD - The Levis Video. Despite giving the DVD out for free with DIG and releasing it online, (a popular skate model) the video just didn't meet people's expectations. The only good section was Nathan, Dak and Corey - BMX kingpins of the time. That section would have been all good... except the second song was directly jacked from the sequel to possibly the most important street video post Animal's first VHS; Voices. Taking the song from the last section of Tomorrow We Work is a parallel to the blind entry into BMX by a large corporate brand. They tried their best to be core and they were actually doing a great thing for BMX, but at the end of the day - who cares about Levi's, I don't. I'd personally rather just rock sweet faded blue pair from way back when. 

Sadly I couldn't find the TWW section online so I can only use the Levi's video as an example. 

It is still a good section so enjoy. 

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