Eddie C

Eddie C is a very interesting rider. He was an icon and a god in the mid to late '00s, but despite his astronomical influence, he had only a couple proper video parts. The first footage I remember seeing of him was in the NW trails video, Building The Underground. Shortly after that he was in the Cutting it Deep video and had a great section in that (see below). Shortly after he was a part of the most influential video from '05-'10, The Lotek Mixtape. His section in this was really what made him blow up. Shortly after he was on the Fit team (after a short stint on Volume) and doing big things. However, he didn't have a major section in Fit Life and his Stay Fit section was pathetic. He did however have a pretty dope mix web video with Chase D as a dual frame promo (see below) After not putting any footage out for years he finally put out a day in the life video, which wasn't that entertaining. He did however have a good interview in The Albion where Benson's professional photos really showed off his natural and stylish ability on a BMX. I find it very interesting that his riding had such a phenomenal impact on trends despite having a relatively small media presence in comparison to any of his peers with such a legendary reputation.

I did see recently, on Instagram, that he admitted to not really be interested in riding as of late (reason for his Fit departure) as instead of riding he was "putting his checks up his nose and at the bar". I think its rad that Eddie admitted that and to be honest I couldn't really care. I'd love to see new footage of him, but the fact as, he has made such a huge impact on riding I'm pretty much satisfied just looking at his Lotek section.

Eddie is a total god and it will be interesting to see what comes next.

Eddie C -Cuttin in deep from joyfulbmx on Vimeo.

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