Mutiny - LGM, Trails Section

As BMX is now, like skateboarding, so focused on media, it is possible that rider could become pro for their ability to entertain. Although this may sound a little weird, to me at least, it makes total sense. I would imagine that a lot of sponsorships are based on rider popularity and 'views'. Thus if an unknown rider made a section with heaps of weird and entertaining shit, they could potentially get as many views as Garret's Deadline section. Therefore, if they could sustain that identity, they too, in theory, could be considered a 'pro'. I know I have briefly touched on this before and am not getting into any further detail here, but I think it is an appropriate introduction to the trails section in Lets Get Mystical. I think that this is one of the MOST important sections of all time. It is profound and fucking amazing. The contrast of the section being in super 16mm film as opposed to HD (like the rest of the video) is a conceptual mirroring of the aesthetics and organic mentality of trails riding.

In my opinion, this section would have to be in the top 5 parts of all time.

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