Australian X-games 2001 Dirt Comp

I wonder how many people have a youtube account. How many people upload a video each day after they get home from work, or after the finish riding their bike, and how many videos are there already on youtube. Where does this video go once I upload it? It is put on a big big hard-drive somewhere? Where is this storage computer for all the youtube videos? There must be over a billion videos on it. Maybe it is the size of a factory. I have just chucked this video of X-games 2001 onto Spilt Milk's youtube. It was a pretty big file cause it's a 9 minute video.

The riders include Aussie dirt legends such as Kym Grosser and Corey Bohan, as well as overseas super stars like Todd Lyons, Nasty, and Chris Doyle. I believe Chris Doyle wears a partial upper denture to replace one of his central incisors.

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