Benn Pigot

I recently spent a few days in Sydney staying with cool guy artist and BMX bandit Dave Cragg. I had the privilege of watching Benn ride 5 dock in person and it was nothing short of amazing. It is impossible to make bowl riding look anywhere near as good in footage as it does in person. John Young is a very creative guy and does a great job at coming close in this first edit. However, it is seriously some profound shit seeing someone blast around a skatepark doing 10-12 foot airs. Its a real pity that Benn doesn't have the worldwide recognition that he deserves. He really deserves to be getting paid to ride his BMX. He is as good as Chase and Tom Dugan who have a crazy fan base. At the same time, its pretty rad to see a dude who just wants to go down to his local and have a ride, without the ambition of being the next big thing. Either way, Benn is very naturally talented and is seriously amazing to watch ride in person.

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