The 'Liam Zingbergs face'

Liam has always had this weird face that he pulls as long as I've known him (note: not that long, probably like 4 or so years). Anyway, one time my friend (also named Liam) mimicked this face and sent a photo of him next to a photo of Zinga to him and it was very funny. Now Liam is a big time pro on BSD it seems that he has not lost this habit of making 'the face'. I would describe 'the face' as a combination of squinting whilst looking into the sun, with 'are you fucking serious mate' with a dash of 'huuuhh' air-headness.

Perhaps perfecting this face will allow you to be an exceptional BMX rider and do crazy technical tricks and get a spot on BSD, or maybe not.

Old habits die hard.

See below for evidence.

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