Crash sections

In the 90's and 00's crash sections were synonymous with extreme sports. Well, perhaps they still are, but BMX videos, even the most core, real deal, rider run shit still included a crash section. I could never understand why this was. I used to fast forward through that shit because it freaked me out. Usually these shortcomings were juxtaposed with a fast paced metal soundtrack to emphasise the brutality and spectacle of the injuries. Was the popularity of these sections just a pure thirst for schadenfreude? Or perhaps was it a way to minimise the burden of crashing because a crash clip was equally as regarded as a hard trick. What is even stranger, is that after a period of time BMX divorced crash footage, except for Props, who actually devoted a whole issue to crashes (a very lucrative endeavour I imagine). It seemed that as BMX got more refined and people were more calculated and took filming more seriously the crashing clips started to be shown less and less. In contemporary BMX it is unlikely that you will see a crash section in the middle of the DVD, but perhaps they will be included in the credits. This does not disrupt the film and means the riders attempts haven't entirely been in vain. It also serves to function as a means for people to get their schadenfreude fix. However, in web edits it is not uncommon to see some people eat shit in the intro to build anticipation. I believe this is done mostly to entertain the viewer, but also falls back upon the idea of crash footage being the silver lining. Crashing sucks, but if you have footage of it, at least something good came out of it.

I can't be bothered to read over and see if there are any typo's in this, but hopefully there aren't and you enjoyed my meditation on crash sections in BMX videos. Here are some crashes from a Props section.

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