Pat Henson

Pat is a friend of my friend Lee's from the UK. He rides for Wethepeople and put out this A+ edit while he was in Australia studying. A solid UK hip hop track, great trick selection and spot usage make this a must see. I'm not exactly sure what makes me enjoy an edit like this much more than a new Nathan Williams joint, but I know it has something to do with a visual language that has been born out of the aesthetics of SD footage. This aesthetic of low camera angles and close shots with the fisheye creates a specific reading of the footage and anchors it in that 'raw/real' street discourse. I think its so rad that this visual language has emerged that has its own codes and conventions (eg. pointing the fish at the spot after the rider has pulled the trick to show caps on the rail etc.). I'm not explaining myself particularly well and this is merely and introduction to the topic of visual aesthetics in BMX, but I have digressed too much already.

Enjoy the video.

Patrick Henson for WeThePeople from wemakethings on Vimeo.

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