Another example of exceptional BMX riding coming from the UK. There seems to be a detached and dry pessimism that runs through this video which is undoubtedly humorous. Like the TV show The Office, the UK version is significantly better than the US version. The general consensus is that UK do comedy better. Well I'm going to take that a step further and say that perhaps they do raw street riding better too. Similar to their enhanced grasp of humour, they also have a more developed sense of subtlety which is very evident in the slew of DIY street videos that have been coming out of the country recently. An easy example is to contrast a BMX FU video or an OSS video with one of these street vids. There is absolutely no comparison. Obviously there are US dudes doing great things (in addition to Animal and Skavenger + affiliates), but not on the scale or to the level of refinement of say the Strangeways video in the UK, or Newrick's Grey Haven. These videos would have never come out of the USA. Long live the UK. People should start paying a lot more attention to the small videos coming out of that country because they will be exceptionally good and well crafted.

Enjoy this Broth video which is a fine example of my argument.

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