From Love to Hate

This is a Seventies Distribution video from 2001, around the time of the first FIT video and Criminal Mischief. I just watched it for the first time - the experience was like flipping through the pages of early 2000s Ride UK magazines. The quality of the filming and riding is really high.

The names of riders you will see in this vid include Garret Byrnes, Paul Buchanan, Robbie Morales... A video can never have too many Robbie Morales ice-pick chinks. Damn I feel sorry for that roller-blader dude he sat on though.

Admittedly I fell asleep during this since I was watching it from bed but luckily I awoke in time for Dan Price's section at 22:15 which is an obvious highlight. That man's style was 50 years ahead of its time.

I'm also proud to report that there is a huge number of sprocket stalls to fakie contained herein.

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