Mirraco riders that never quite made it (Dave Mirra's voice)

Good morning Spilt Milkers, today's post is on Mirraco riders who showed a lot of promise, but never quite made it. In a way this mirrors the brand itself, as really, one would think that Dave Mirra's brand would be at least a fraction as successful as his riding career. Well, Mirraco went under this year, or maybe late last year, so I guess that wasn't true. Also, on a side note - how fruity is Dave Mirra's voice, fucking lol. SO BAD. His body language and gestures are also so beyond lame. Also, imagine being Dave Mirra, and you somehow come across this blog and some dickhead from Australia is bagging out your voice and your body language, woah, that would be heavy.

Anyway, Dave Rytell is up first. I fucking loved his riding. His fashion sense is seriously fucked up, beyond atrocious, but he rode a BMX very well. For some reason he fell off the face of the earth, but whatever, there are now lots of other good riders, so who cares really.

Michael Cleveland is the next Mirraco failure. He did some pretty gnarly shit. Sorry I'm a bit lazy, I would have looked through old magazines to find the photo of him doing this insane over tooth to back fakie on a huge subrail with a 12 foot + drop on the other side. It was from an issue of BMX Plus (god how did I ever read that magazine, no wonder my english skills took longer than average to develop). He was in this hideous ad that they did where it showed him as a car cleaner and the tag line was something like "Dave Mirra can have all these fancy cars, but I'll stick to washing them". Sik1 m8. Anyway, I guess Cleveland was more of a failure, because I'm having a hard time finding any photos of him on the internet.

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