Eric Hennesy

Earlier in the year Rob Dolecki came and stayed at my house for a week before he went to NZ to do a little article on his buddy Eric. I hadn't ever really paid any attention to him before, but Rob showed me this amazing photo of him in the recent Dig trails issue and I was really impressed. I went out both nights on the weekend and am consequently quite tired. I needed some easy entertainment and was trawling through 'bmx' tagged videos on Vimeo. I stumbled across this one and thought now I know how good Eric is, I should give it a watch. There are some outstanding and unexpected clips in this. Very worthy of a watch.

Also I am going to take this time to have a dig at blogger Scott Marceau who despite being one of the more intelligent guys in BMX doesn't know what the word lopsided means. There was a great video that he posted on TCU recently and said 'click the lopsided triangle, now' and I was like, where is the fucken lopsided triangle. M8 I think you mean the triangle on its side, lopsided, as you would imagine means that each side is not symmetrical and therefore one is larger than the other making it 'lop'. I am going to NYC in 3 short months and would very much like to ride with Scott, so I hope he doesn't read this blog and then ignore me or hate me when I get there.

Eric Hennessey -Thousand Yard Stare from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

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