Glasses and BMX pt. 2

To kick off part two we have eccentric BMX rider Derek Nelson. I was first introduced to Derek when he was invited to be a part of Road Fools 13 which I watched religiously as a youngster. I hated his riding at the time and thought he was stupid for riding a heavy bike on purpose. Fast forward a whole lot of years and I'm still unsure about his decision to ride the crazy heavy bike, but I welcome his individuality and flare. This video was very popular when it came out and it is pretty weird that he is sponsored by anyone as he makes most of his bike parts himself. He also has one of those elastic glasses straps which is pretty bad ass.

Next up is Jamie Bestwick. This is a little rubbery as Jamie never rode with glasses on and eventually had laser corrective surgery, but back when he got this cover, he most certainly didn't have 2020 vision.

Glasses was a Melbourne based BMX video project from the early 00's by Dao Radivo which never ended up coming out. His brother Pete had a standout section in the video which eventually made it online about 10 years later. I don't know why the video was called glasses. I don't think Dao wears glasses. Maybe it is to do with drinking beer as I think Dao likes to drink beer, or at least Pete does. It is a pity this didn't come out at the time because Pete had so much potential. He really could have been one of the best international pro's. However a string of injuries and a series of unfortunate events prevented this from happening and him remaining a Melbourne BMX god/myth.

Continued in Pt. 3

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