Great comment on a Ty Morrow video

I was really excited when I saw this comment. It is so naive and stupid, but at the same time he makes a good point. The general public expects riders to be performing at the level that they see them perform at in their web videos. Another interesting comment to be made as when I was talking to my mum about me making a web video and how much work it takes to get a clip. Her comment was that it was false advertising to put that out there because people would think that it was the level you rode at every day. This is the thing that is getting cruzazo k - mala's undies in a knot. He sees the Deadline video and sees Ty riding at this insane level, but he forgets that he put 4+ years into that video part. Thus obviously his riding isn't going to be at that standard all the time. However, I have to agree with him. The riding in the #Primorica video wasn't at the usual standard of the riders. The spots looked pretty bad and perhaps the dudes just wanted a holiday, you know! Also there is more than one purpose for going on a trip. Clearly they stopped at shops and did some good marketing and judged a comp strengthening Primo's status in Costa Rica. It looks like they hung out with the locals a lot and went out riding street with random kids. That is probably going to be much better for the brand's rep in Costa Rica than going there stealth and waking up early and filming the very best things they could and then going back to the US. 

It was interesting to see this comment because I thought it opened up a discussion about expectations of pro riders.

See below for the video in question

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