Mumford and Sons are the worst band ever.

For one of my jobs I work as a 'model' for a portrait painter. She plays music when she paints, which usually means there is a nice relaxing vibe and the time passes faster. Not this time. She put on Mumford and Sons, one of my least favourite bands. Nick Harris absolutely loves them and thinks they are visionary n shit. He's wrong. They suck.

Anyway, that made me think of this web vid and how I never really watched it because I hated the song so much. However, I think that's part of the reason why this video is one of the most popular videos tagged with 'bmx' on vimeo. How people like that awful band I will never know. The dues voice is so fucking whiney it sounds like nails on a chalk board.

Furthermore, one time I partied too hard in Sydney as was staying at my friend Dave's place. The next morning it was 42 degrees and we were sleeping outside in a wall-less shed with a tin roof. I felt so bad that I wanted to rip the skin off my own face. Sort of like that Damien Hirst artwork (see below). That is a feeling like hearing Mumford and Sons. (Possible slight exaggeration for editorial/entertainment purposes).

Interestingly, on the topic of dislike, Ed, the other half of Spilt Milk, isn't a huge Dan Lacey fan. For one reason or another he doesn't connect with Mr. Lacey's BMX and you know what that's totally cool. I can perhaps see where he is coming from. I much preferred the Dan from the early days, I really frothed him back then. Now he doesn't really have the technical ability of some of his peers, but he's got a lot of courage and sends himself down some of the biggest gaps ever. Like that shot from his Albion interview (see below). However, for some reason Dan doesn't really do it for me either. Probably because I'm crap and just like cool guy jibbing BMX and get intimidated by his guys and his ability to do those gnarly tooth hanger to over tooths. 

Anyway, here is the video in question. 

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