Nick Cooper

Nick was one of my favourite riders. He was very creative and talented. I finally met him at the 08 BMX Games and he was really rude to me and threatened another kid for being in his way. Later I learned he had a pretty notorious reputation. It really sucked because I idolised the dude a lot. Personality aside he is a very talented BMX rider and here is his section from a contest Vital BMX put on a few years ago which was essentially a reality TV show about getting sponsored by Haro Bikes. Nick Cooper actually won that contest in a draw with Marcus Tooker, however, Marcus got signed on for the second year and Nick didn't. I really think that contest was a total joke and waste of time. It was a great marketing opportunity for Haro. It seemed pointless as the two guys they chose were Marcus (a Greenville dude good friends with Rob Darden and Nyquist) and Nick Cooper (Friends and from the same town as Colin Mackay). However, with that said, if they paid for each of the rider's flights to the USA that would have cost a lot of money and I guess then it was just sorta funny that they chose their friends in the end.

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