Pretty fucken SRS

How about this one!?! So damn good and ahead of its time. I'm not sure if the readers of this blog will remember the Austin Church Gap (deserves caps)? But it was this bad ass huge gap that Jimmy Levan did in Austin, Texas on RF 1. Anyway, it was a huge deal and people had been talking about it for years. Apparently Paul Buchanan just went and did it randomly one day with no photographer or cameras. The gap is now gone, but I remember seeing footage of some dude going for it and snapping his wheel/frame in half, but walking away alive. Now it is a bit shorter and instead of the landing being on top of a 3 stair, it is now just a small curb. I think that Chris Childs dude who rides for Merrit and Sunday did a toboggan over it or something. I can be bothered finding the video, so you'll just have to imagine it or go and look for it yourself.

Slightly diverging from the topic, I used to pronounce Buchanan as butch - an - nan, until I had a friend called Mikey who shared the same last name. We used to run cross country together as part of our compulsory saturday school sport. Mikey was a skater and a fitzy local and one day he broke his wrist and they used a wire to hold it all together. Once he got his cast off the wire was still there, hanging about 4 inches out of the skin... It was fucking gnarly. Anyway, long story short, one day he went to the doctors and they got some pliers and clamped the end of the wire and just pulled the fucking thing out of his skin and bone... GNARLY.


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