Super Monaco Review

Super Monaco is the latest bmx film by Jim Newrick. I was surprised how quickly it was pumped out considering his last film Grey Haven was only released a bit over a year ago. I was a huge fan of Grey Haven so I ordered the Super Monaco dvd as soon as my tumblr dashboard told me it was available. 

Newrick's filming and editing style conveys a feeling of intense speed. A huge amount of content is compressed into the 15 minute vid. The camera was held low and moved very quickly for rolling shots. When the filmer was motionless, acute camera angle changes happen fairly rapidly. This was all done quite tastefully.

The video focuses on a crew of street riders from the north of England who utilize their "mid 20th century" street obstacles in a simple and effective manner. The riding has that sense of maturity you can't find in mainstream bmx; the smith-nose-bar monotony that plagues so much of contemporary riding and filming is pleasingly absent. The three heroes of the movie are Newrick, Cookie and Count, who all have a butt-load of crispy footage. 

I don't think the release of Super Monaco was widely publicized of even mentioned on the main internet bmx sites such as come-up. That sort of adds to the appeal. It's available for digital download or dvd. If you haven't already I recommend hitting up the following link to obtain your copy.


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