classical music in bmx

I felt bad for slacking on Spilt Milk posts so I made this video. Also yesterday Barrbarr asked me what happened to the footage I got at diamo trails ages ago and requested that I chuck my spare footage online. I've done so and used excerpts from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as the soundtrack.

There have been obvious trends in bmx videographers' music choices throughout the last few decades with punk/handcore being the most common selection in the late 90s and early 2000s, followed by a heavy hip-hop influence which may be reaching its end point at the moment. QSS3 was a breath of fresh air with its more mellow electronic beats.

Will classical music be the normal soundtrack to bmx videos in the future? It's tough to predict but given the lack of familiarity the average bmx rider has with the classical repertoire this is unlikely. I've discussed my passion for classical music with my Spilt Milk colleague Adam in the past and even made him a mix CD of some "hits" of the classical world but I don't think he's listened to it yet.

Appreciating the classical genre is much easier with some background knowledge about the composers of these musical art works. Growing up studying music at school and playing in the school orchestra led classical music to be a staple for me from year 9 of highschool onwards. I chose Beethoven's Fifth Symphony for this video because it's the most well known of all symphonies, which should make it a good starting point for the bmx riding community. Also I've had it in my head since seeing the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performed it a couple weeks ago (conducted by Diego Mathieuz, a fantastic concert).

To hear the symphony in its entirity please hit up Youtube, there are many excellent recordings.

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