"Old school" gems

1. Karl Poynter

This guy has had a lot of good sections. A complete run-down of his career highlights is probably in order since it seems like he's slowing down with putting out new content / riding at the moment. Here's a surprisingly watchable SHOOK part (the video series was called "shook" because that's all the Chad Shackelford usually did with the camera). Mmmm Karl is a smooth rider. This video has 1.7 million Youtube views.

2. Ojay Juarez

Subversion was a big hit back when it came out, and here is Ojay's section. I used to watch this repeatedly - it was definitely my favourite part in the video. He was by far the coolest rider on the Mutiny team. This was a time when 4 pegs and no brakes wasn't particularly common.

3. Will Taubin

I like when a video section begins with a small amount of autobiographical shit. I'm pretty sure Taubin composed the beats for this section. It's too bad the youtube quality here is poor. Still worthwhile viewing.

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