This trick has really been pissing me off lately. There sure are some sick fucks out there. Recently, park riders have revived the oppo unlookback thing, some heinous mountain bike trick. You know the one I'm talking about - the wheel is always facing outwards (the wrong way) and one foot is off the pedal. The trick is a mtb trick, it looks ferral and anyone who does it on a BMX is srs fucked up.

I have also been shocked to see that some stylish riders, who should know better have been doing their unlookbacks with the bars turned the wrong way. NOT COOL. The bars have to be at least straight. Its like an x - up or a turndown, it doesn't count if the bars aren't 180. Well in this case, the bars have to be straight, or turned inwards. Thankfully, Ryan Lloyd has restored some of my faith in humanity with this recent photo shot by Mike Moore.

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