Australian x-games 2002 dirt

I was stalking Steven Hamilton on facebook today and noticed that he had "shared" one of the videos from the Spilt Milk Youtube channel. It was the one with Dave Mirra and Jay Miron riding vert at the 2001 X-games. It was pretty cool to see, and it re-ignited my enthusiasm for uploading things to the Youtube channel.

I wonder if Steven Hamilton has ever gone as far as to check the spiltmilkbmx.com blog himself. If you're reading this Steven - Hi, you rule.

Most likely Steven doesn't check this site. In fact it seemed like he had simply "shared" the link to the Youtube video that was initially posted on facebook by Lindsay Brown. Perhaps Lindsay Brown checks this site. That would still be pretty rad. Hi Lindsay. I really liked that fluffy jacket you wore while riding that metal vert ramp in your "Zero One" part. You mentioned on TV once that you only got 4 hours sleep the night before the 2001 Xgames park contest in Sydney - I was always wondering, how come? Was it a night of drunken party timez, or just pre-Xgames nerves?

Here is the "Planet X" coverage of the 2002 Australian X-games dirt contest.

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