On pigeon toed rydaz

This is essentially a dead give away that your riding is going to look shit. But then again, BMX doesn't have a rulebook and anything can be challenged. Like the fact that goofy riding is generally shit and then Mike Aitken is goofy and many considered him the most stylish rider ever (I really think Chase took the torch from him around the time he took his brakes off so like 2008ish).

Here we have two examples - that Tanner Easterla dude (srsly get a new fucking name m8) who sucks and proves that putting your feet on the pedals in a funny way means that no matter how 'good' the tricks you do are, you still suck. Proof below.

On the contrary we have the rule breaker, Dean absolutely fucking rips it. He shows a sophisticated and mature understanding of BMX and keeps things energised and fun when he's cranking at a quarter and does a little pedal wheelie. This video below has a horrible song so turn your speakers off.

Here is another example of some bad boy shit - his riding style and his dedicated relationship with the bar spin overtly references Nyquist who is another overlooked goofy style icon.

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