It was a humid and overcast late September day as I rolled through the Williamsburg Streets. I was heading to Greenpoint for none other than the Mountain Dew Tour (Presented by Toyota). It was at The House of Vans, which isn't actually a house, it is a warehouse thing that has a cement bowl in it. As I am lazy as fuck I missed most of the 'BMX Street' comp and arrived just as the pros were leaving. That was actually a good time to arrive as a professional highly paid reported as I was able to take a bunch of voyeuristic photos of the back of pros heads and other creepy shit.

As well as the competition, they had a ton of promotional stuff including that 10th dimension Occulus thing that takes you into another realm. I avoided the temptation of virtual reality, instead leaving that to some of my favourite sci fi movies and began to realm around the TOUR. 

I inspected the outdoor 'street style' course and was shocked and appalled to find out how poorly made it was. The whole tour was ghetto as fuck and it seemed pretty funny that some dude would walk home with like 10k or something. Anyway, in my humble opinion, it seemed like they could have put the fucking thing on for like 10k, if that. Also, what was cool, was that they didn't charge an entry fee to watch the competition. That sort of helped me get my head around what the purpose of the comp really is. All it is, is just a form of reality TV. It is just a TV show. So there you have it ladies and gentlemen...

Below is a photo of the poor quality of the ramps:

Seeing how ghetto the ramps were made it all the more impressive to see the tricks that went down. With that said, it was a pretty demanding course being that its long as fuck and you need to pull all your tricks, so no one really did anything that was very good, tbh. Fuck, I don't blame them. If there was a huge amount of cash up for grabs you would need to be a little smart to know not to do a trick that you can only pull 50% of the time. With that said, a couple of the big gaps that were done were pretty fresh. One of these gappers was none other than Scotty Cranmer. Scott used to be one sick as fuck rider. He had one elbow pad, a loose as fuck tailwhip style and ball rode out of every trick. (See below for Scotty Cranmer circa mid 00's for evidence)

The above image is really a little after Scotty was at his actual coolest, but during this era he was in that Dave Mirra video (I forget what its called) and also pioneered the whole web video thing by doing all those flip to 540 tail tap type things and the double whip to tap. 

I was about to make the point that current Scotty is boarderline prettyboy (bro) homosexual (just making it clear that I'm not hating on homosexuality just the dorkyness of this image) and then I came across this image that truly proves this point:
SRSly, what the fuck... Anyway, He is really freaky. He has one of those HORRIBLE oil slick get ups and wears a full face helmet. LOL. Good on you Scott for wanting to be safe and all, but I really don't think it is appropriate to wear that in a street comp, you look like a goober. In all honesty, why the fuck are you even in a street comp? You are a great park rider, but you just ride park on the street when you ride street. WHICH IS NOT STREET OKAY. I was fucking pissed when he was in first place for a minute there. I had a chat with Rob Dolecki who was judging the comp and Rob is a top guy and really all I wanted to say was, WHY, HOW! was he in first place for a minute there. NOT COOL ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is Scott at the comp:

Besides New Jersey shore's finest, there were some other memorable things at the comp:

Chad Degroot ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 


Here is a eccentric guy who had just done some sort of fun run and was scoping out DA TOWAH

Shot 2

THE 7th dimension 

The back of Jamie Bestwick's head

Creepy photo of Ty Morrow

Kids fucking love Chad Kerley. He was BY FAR the most popular ridah at the tour. I cannot agree with these children's opinions. Not a Ched fan. 

Da course


Chad Degroot again.

So there you have it Spilt Milk readers, the Dew Tour from my perspective. It was an interesting lil event and an eye opener to the fact that The Dew Tour is a reality TV show. xoxo. 

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