Adam Stone

Adam Stone, aka "Blue", is a prodigious bmx rider from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Long before I knew him, a young teenage Adam could regularly be found sessioning his local skatepark, Camberwell, jumping around between ramps and boosting big tailwhips. I heard he used to wear a full-face helmet on the street course. The pinnacle of the young park rider Adam's video output is below. A lot of people responded to this edit with "Wtf, how does he do decades so easily".

In the next few years Adam went through a transformation similar to that of Luke Skywalker or Hamlet the Dane. From what was a single focus skatepark-rider became an all round bmx genius. As early as the following edit we see signs of young Adam opening his mind to tricks outside the skatepark.

Further evidence of Adam's evolution comes from his Vital BMX exclusive, and spare footage from Doug Underhill's unpublished DVD - behold the addition of pegs.

Adam's gradual moderisation included shedding of the brakes:

And even his semi full-face helmet:

Adam's experience now encompasses all facets of bmx practice, and as such, he holds a broad perspective from which to evaluate the riding of others. Adam has shown that within himself there is an infinite capacity for connecting with and relating to riders from any point on the skatepark rider - street rider spectrum. Given that Adam's roots are in skatepark riding, he looks upon park riders with compassion and tolerance, especially when they also start to venture outside of the ramp world and hit the streets.

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