Florent Soulas

is a very interesting rider. He's got a crazy amount of bike control and a very unique style. He rides all disciplines of bmx: flatland, street, park fun boxes and his own weird backyard half pipe thing in the middle of the french country side. Like Tony Hamlin he does an opposite spin when he does truckdrivers, but it's so smooth it's hard to tell it's opposite.

This latest edit showcases his diverse skills. The only error was the filming of the penultimate clip - the nose manual over that buildings roof. It clearly took 30,000 tries to pull since he has carved a bike path through the two patches of grass on each end of the building. He should have waited a week between attempts to allow the grass to re-grow so it looked like he pulled it first try.

I really like how his "Sosh urban motion" entry from a few years ago was filmed. The filmer didn't feel the need to attach a little fisheye to the i-phone like everyone else and it worked really well. Also the viewer gets the impression that perhaps he did all these tricks while he was on the way to the local store to buy a bottle of milk, which should be the aim of all video parts.

The last example of Florent's riding worthy of discussion is the "flat & street" video made by Hadrien Picard in 2012. It is one of the best web videos of all time, perfectly filmed and edited. Florent's riding is combined with two of his French colleagues, Matthias Dandois and Guillaume Le Goff, all of whom are pushing ultra modern new school tech stuff.

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