Josh Heino in Nowhere Fast

Josh Heino's bmx star-dome peaked in the 90's and apart from Road Fools 8 and the Credence road trip in Props 63/64 I'd never really seen much coverage of him. He had a cool signature Wethepeople frame in 2002 called the Omen. I used to daydream that I had an Omen and I had two pegs and a straight cable and I would ride down the street to the local skatepark. Here is a picture of the Omen's back end.

Josh's part in Nowhere Fast came to my attention recently; my interest in Nowehere Fast was sparked by that rig bmx magazine graph chart post on comeup. Dave Young's part was pretty good but Heino's section is nuts. I didn't know he was a vert dog as well as a street rider. This is a very Frenchie way of finishing a video description, but that last clip really was really crazy.

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  1. The omen was a sweet frame, I believe it was the first to feature a fixed length back end specifically dialled for 36x13. The four seasons is also a cool frame.