Matthias Dandois

I recall seeing flatland riding in magazines and videos a lot more when I first started riding and I think it's a shame how its popularity has dwindled in the past 10 years or so, to the point where it's now pretty much a completely different sport. Surely it wouldn't be too difficult to hold a flatland jam at events like "texas toast" but it seems that people don't have enough interest, or don't want to go to the effort. Maybe in the future people like Matthias Dandois will help re-unite this forgotten aspect of the sport which has been jettisoned by all except a presumably small group which probably have their own little online community and probably have their own Adam22 equivalent and miniature niche scene.

The riding in this video is completely insane. Matthias brings a bit of general "street" influence especially with his bike setup which surely makes this video relatively accessible for the broader street/park bmx audience.

I appreciated the simplicity of the filming. It amazes me that he doesn't get so dizzy and fall off his bike especially after 5 high speed full cabs in that first line but I guess that's part of flatland. Also Holy Fuck that trick at 1:34 is impressive. I would feel really embarrassed if I faceplanted like the one at 3:46 with all the pedestrians walking by so props to Matthias for having all the patience and discipline to learn these tricks while out on his own.

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