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Expectations are a funny thing. Entering into a mental process with preconceived biases can hugely influence the outcome. This concept can be readily observed on a daily basis. Our fundamental attitudes, beliefs and values govern the way we interpret our experiences. Some believe that open-mindedness and removing expectations can increase happiness and reduce cynicism. The first noble truth of Buddhism is that "life is suffering". Mentally expecting and preparing for such suffering can equip one with willingness to overcome challenges that one encounters.

Recently a Youtube video emerged that recieved a lot of negative feedback on face-book and thecomeup. My natural response to this was to prepare myself for something shocking and offensive. However when I finally viewed this clip it turned out to be a little different to my expectations!

What we are actually observing here is the story of a man who is turning adversity into opportunity. Jack has the admirable quality that when faced with the painful misfortune of a crippling BMX injury, he has the hope and perseverance not only to maintain optimism but to be able to so rapidly direct his creative energies to other avenues, such as aussie hip hop. Frankly, the lack of maturity of the BMX community in its response to this video was a little disappointing!

Also of interest is "A day in the life of Jack Fahey"; see below.

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