Simple Session

Each year it's my tradition to sit down with a bag of doritos and watch the entire simple session contest on youtube right after it happens. Here the video of this years event.

- Sebastian Keep and that "Tim" guy did a really good job of commentating apart from a couple errors such as referring to flair 540s as 900s but overall a lot better than some of their predecessors.

- Heat 4 was a bit boring so I skipped it but other than that it was generally entertaining.

- The street riders performed well, especially AK but then Devon Smillie was even more brilliant.

-  A lot of the park riders looked the same and fortunately the commentators spent a bit of time discussing that.

- There weren't any Australians in the finals 8[ but who really cares

- Overall it's a really good format for a contest, they always stop the clock if someone wants to re-try something and giving unlimited time at the end for everyone's last trick is nice.

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