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Recently I used a computer to watch some bmx videos. I only had a limited amount of free time, and therefore selected to watch videos that had a huge number of views on Youtube. Here are my reviews:

1. Drew Bezanson vs Joyride 150: 1.8 million views

A lot of videos on the red bull channel seem to have huge numbers of views which suggests that either they are good or a lot of dumb people watch whatever they decide to post. This particular video is v good though.

2. Nike BMX Pool contest: 4 million views

This contest was great and tons of pros who have since declined were riding at their peak. This particular video is well filmed but doesn't include a lot of the important tricks / lines. I'm not sure how its popularity spiralled out of control so much. I'm pretty sure Van Homan is holding the crossbar in that still frame.

3. Tate Roskelly: 8.9 million views

Fortunately the sound has been removed from this video which makes it a lot more watchable. A lot of people hate this rider but I respect his creative concerns.

4. Tim Knoll: 8.3 million views

After having invented all these bike tricks he deserves this many views - well done, dude.

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