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Spilt Milk is a bmx blog run by Adam Stone and myself (Edward Ounapuu). Adam is an artist, gallery curator and all-round top bloke. I'm a dentist, wannabe artist and classical music nerd. Both of us are also long term bmx enthusiasts - Adam's sponsored by Primo and is a talented skatepark and street rider, whereas I'm quite mediocre and due to my close living proximity to fitzroy bowl (Melbourne's best skatepark) I've lost all interest in going street riding.

When young riders start learning to do tricks on a bmx bike they invariably also develop an interest in applications of the sport by other enthusiasts. This occurs through observation of other local riders, reading bmx magazines, and viewing bmx videos and media on the internet. The trends and activities of the "sport" can be collectively described as a "culture", however it is important to remember that any "culture" is actually a creation of ones own mind and subject to interpretation according to ones own inherent values, attitudes and beliefs. Nothing actually "exists" except your mind,  your bike, and the universe surrounding you. One can interpret observed phenomena however one chooses to, which is the essence of life's beauty.

Having noted the contemporary bmx "culture", Adam and I have elected to ignore it for the most part, and apply creativity to our bike riding in the ways we personally deem to be most fun. However from time to time we still enjoy sitting back with a beer or litre of milk and engaging in intelligent discussions the state of bmx locally and abroad.

Lino Gonzales is an American rider who created a bmx shop and T-shirt brand called 90East. It must have taken a lot of time and hard work to create what he has done. 90East is a business that I'm guessing helps Lino pay his bills. As time goes on businesses can rise and fall, and the popularity of different brands affects their capacity to keep making money. Lino is perhaps following the direction that the spokespeople of many "traditional" bmx brands and shops have taken recently who have used the internet to subtly or overtly criticize individuals whose influence they percieve to be threatening. The above statement/ advertisement, which Lino posted on instagram and tumblr, may or may not result in more consumers directing their attention towards 90East.

Adam LZ is another American bmx rider, and he has been producing his own self filmed videos for many years. The video above had about 100,000 views in its first day online. Despite the fact that Adam LZ is still a teenager, his popularity has seemingly escalated to the point where he could arguably be described as the most well known bmx rider on Earth. Adam (Stone) and I have ongoing debates about whether LZ is a cool funny-guy or a despicable dystopian anti-hero. I found LZ's My Fiance has Cold Feet to be fun to watch and enjoyable.

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