PROPS how 2

Today I was taking my work to a gallery that I'm having an exhibition in and I was parked in the loading zone because I was loading heavy items. I got a parking fine because I was in the loading zone but my car didn't say courier. It didn't matter that I was lifting a fucking 35+ kgs bit of painted cement that I found on the Merri Creek. You've gotta follow the rules, man.

So I guess I learned something today.

Speaking of which I watched this Props How To so many times when I was a kid. Like religiously. I have vivid memories of taking it to Taiwan when I was a kid and watching it on my Dad's super rich business partner's TV in his apartment. I was fucking devastated because he was so kind to try and hook me up with a BMX while I was on holidays, but he ended up getting me a 20 inch MTB. I then had to give him my copy of Ride US which I had taken on the holiday with me to try and explain what BMX was. Sorry I sound like a spoiled brat, but when you are a BMX obsessed 12 year old this is serious business. Anyway, I never ended up getting the BMX to ride alone in Taiwan and I lost my copy of Ride US. It was the Megatour 2 edition with Jimmy Levan on the cover doing a fastplant X up at Chinatown banks in NYC. Although I never got the mag back, many years later I actually rode those banks, so I guess that's kinda cool.

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