S&M 44 Something (1993)

Adam and I watched this video from 1993 last night before going to the tote and here is what we thought of the experience.

- If Donald Trump rode bmx he would have a section in this video

- Chris Moeller is weird.

- This video must have come before the concept of multiple dirt jumps in a row became mandatory. I would be more likely to ride trails if it was only single jumps. Single jumps rule. There was a really good x-up or two in the dirt section starting at 5:00.

- Jimmy Levan and Mike Lausmann's section ender was a nose bonk on a foot high ledge.

- John Paul Rogers' section was a photograph of him.

- Casing a quarter pipe was all good, and definitely didn't have the significance it has today.

- The line at 11:00 consisted of three framestand landing tailwhips in a row and was amazing

- Mike Griffin is good

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