Still United Review

Today I bought "Still United" on dvd for $25.

I didn't go to the premier which was a week or two ago, and there had been a lot of stuff on the Dig and Ride sites hyping up the video. Chris drove all the way to the south side on a Saturday so I could buy the dvd and I didn't know how much it was going to cost until I was at the cash register doing the transaction. I was kind of hoping it would be $10 or something because I've been spending a lot of money lately.

Looking at the packaging for the dvd I noticed that it was filmed and edited by Peter Adam. For some reason I had assumed that Christian Rigal did it, whose work I am quite familiar with from the Markit dvd etc. I became intrigued and started to hope that maybe Peter Adam's approach would be a bit more creative than Rigal's, who tends to film things ok but makes the vibe of a video quite bland. Basically I was wrong and while the riding was generally acceptable the music was terrible, filming wasn't great, and the vibe was a bit lame. I will not watch this video again and regret buying it.

Here are some comments Chris made while watching the video.

Jeff Kocsis
- Jeff Kocsis' favorite word is 'bitch' - is this what he refers to his mother as?
- Jeff K is riding a BSD ALVX
- Smoking cigs in BMX videos is A+
- Jeff's part should've been a two songs; I think his Animal part where he rides to that Bonobo remix is better
- Ed is hogging all of the pizza shapes

Christian Rigal
- Joke 'save the rail' thing at the beginning of his part is kinda lame - like why include a joke segment?is this not a serious BMX video?
- Long, fast rails are sick; Christian does lots of 'em and curved ones
- Lots of bangers, crazy riding - makes Jeff K's part seem kinda tame (why was Jeff K's the opener?)

Geoff Slattery 
- song kinda bad; enjoyed the riding

Corey Martinez
- Be good if he rode to one of the songs he rode to before [in past video parts, such as the Eric Clapton song] - preferable than song actually used
- Barcelona spots are tired
- Corey Matinez is an OG, you know he is going to deliver - some big gaps
- Always wanted Corey's signature frame
- Corey should always have a split part with Seth Kimbrough

- Does Morgan Wade have a part in this?
- Are Ian Morris and Sandy Carson the same person?
- Wondering if the black guy can redeem the video
- You must be skinny and muscular to be on the United team
- At this point if I'm a kid whose mum gave me $25 to buy this I'd be disappointed
- Lots of fluff clips in between riding clips ruins momentum of part

Nathan Williams
- Strange crash/motorcycle montage leaves me wondering what is director trying to say
- Don't copy Colin Varanyak's shit, bro
- Nathan Williams is like vanilla ice cream

End of video/concluding remarks
- Would re-watch Jeff Kocsis' part and maybe Christian Rigal part
- Was hoping Still United would be good but when I saw Strictly BMX post Nathan Williams' signature Etnies colourway I knew it'd suck

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