Brandon Begin

The first Brandon Begin video I saw was the VX skatepark edit below about 3 years ago. I liked his style. He then moved to California and I stopped liking him because way too much footage of him was put out and it was mostly boring clips of him rolling around in webisodes filmed by John Hicks or adam twenty-two.

After this new edit I've started to like him again though because-

1. You can tell he actually put some effort into collecting some decent clips - there's some quite enjoyable and technically advanced stuff.

2. It was filmed by someone decent, presumably Scott Marceau

His first OSS edit was actually good too and if the only footage that we ever saw of him was these three edits he would be such a legendary rider in my mind. It just goes to show that putting out tons and tons of footage online might make you more money from your sponsors but being disciplined with holding things back unless they're sick makes you cool.

Note: I mostly listen to these edits on mute or with different music playing.

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