original content: old footage off my camera

I use shit old cameras to make videos because theyre $20 off ebay and look cool but getting the footage onto a computer is hard and my previous USB device failed many months ago so i have been filming hours of stuff and filling up tapes but not uploading it from the tapes so I bought a $200 PCI tv tuner off the internet to upload my vhs tapes in 1080p HD but the drivers wont install on my computer or something i dont know why - here is some old footage that I filmed 5 months ago before my usb thingy broke

note: I sort of suck at filming but most of the problem is related to the fact that these cameras dont have a screen you can look at while youre rolling with a fisheye, which makes it really hard to not cut off the rider from the frame, hmm soz.

also i dont have a proper handle for the camera- might buy one of those camera mount things one day

hopefully soon ill be able to make some more original content - also ive decided im not going to post any more adam lz related things on this blog because i feel i may be alienating our viewers if we have any -

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