Stevie Churchill's "On Everything" OSS Section Review

Yeah this was pretty sick.  Surely the best SC part simply because it wasn't edited to some hideous rap song.  The electronic, atmospheric song, along with LA as a backdrop gave me a whole film noir, Michael Mann's Collateral, GTA 5 vibe (I don't expect anyone to agree with, understand or relate to this comparison).

Also check out below the review of it I did in the comments section on YouTube. TCU wasn't too pleased but I guess there's always going to be disagreements when BMX media heavyweights such as TCU and SM come head to head.

If I were to respond my response would be "Why does it look like shit then?", because it does look like shit.  It really should be 1080 p which is FULL HD, anyone can do HD.  Maybe the whole thing was filmed on an iPhone.

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