"webisode" reviews

1: the come up

because this wasn't filmed by john hicks and was just adam 22 holding his iphone it was more watchable than usual. Usually john hicks struggles with maintaining his composure while talking into the camera and acts really unnatural. This was raw footage of people riding a street plaza and I liked it but it didn't really leave me feeling motivated to go ride for some reason. Maybe because the riding was too good? or maybe because it was all ledge grinding and I dont like the idea of bmx riders needing to bunnyhop.

2. Adam LZ

This was cool because it was pure bike riding and not talking about cars although I do enjoy seeing a little bit of lz's life sometimes such as nicole and the gross sugary food he eats and his dumb friends. This bearded guy seems relatively cool and level headed.

3. Daily Cruise

The FTL people don't even identify their videos as webisodes and I like that. Often it more about getting to see cool aspects of new york city that makes these videos great. The music is well chosen and placed. Also the damn gopro camera is so crispy and smooth- how the hell is it so crispy and smooth. These guys don't care too much about talking about what they're doing today they just go out and film some stuff- the lack of a forced performance for the camera makes these videos the winner in my book.

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