Adam and I watched this last night. I paid $12 for it. Given the cast of riders it had the potential to be as epic as Etnies Forward, but the lack of internet hype following its release suggested to me that it probably wasn't.

Overall the riding was really great but the filming and editing were lame and brought the whole video down severely. I was more or less entertained throughout but some parts were a bit cringe-worthy especially Tim "Fuzzy" Hall's introductory narrative to a dirt mix section - I genuinely couldn't understand a word he was saying - it was completely incoherent garbage edited to some "profound" still images of a mountainside.

The only exception was Gary Young's part. For the last few years I thought he was on the decline and heading towards retirement, but his section, the penultimate in the vid, left me completely mind blown. He does a completely fucked up gap to second stage over-smith grind down a huge round rail. Very Dave Thompson-esque in size but I'm pretty sure it wasn't an accident and he really intended to land in over-smith rather than over-double peg. There was a ton of other well thought out burly gaps in this part. Well done Gary.


While we waited for the Vans video to download we watched this [already posted below] and Adam wrote the following review:

- Reminds me of a group of 'lad' scooter riders who are 16 and go to city park.

- Friend [Austin Augie] looks like the worst dressed rider ever

- Get a job

- Americans are so worried about getting sued -> shit place

- Skitching is now officially out

- BORING!!!!

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