I don't understand Sean Burns

I just don't really get Sean Burns; I don't understand the way he dresses, I dont get bonedeth of bonebabes, I don't get why he persisted with a 44 t sprocket.  Why did he slam his sprocket onto a bums head? - that's super mean and lame, he probably thought it was funny.

I mean Sean Burns is a relic of bmx past so he's not really even relevant anymore but I don't really think he ever embodied the spirit of bmx or anything - people like van homan and Sean Mac do that with big gaps and an I don't give a fuck attitude.  I think Sean Burns gives a lot of fucks about lots of things.

I mean he went and did the Brooklyn banks gap and did a t bog over it then got pissed when hoder 360 d it.  Wtf is a t bog anyway? That shits weak.

Have you ever tried to watch a metal bikes video part?   They're always uploaded in like 240 p and are unwatchable.

Sean officially became uncool when he talked shit on Lz then shortly after everyone copied lz.

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