John Hicks webisode review

"what is up y'all I'm.about to head over to the oss house and hopefully ride with Stevie and the gang, hopefully - sometimes theyre not there so let's hope theyre there, sometimes theyre there...sometimes yeah you just can't get in so yeah we will have to see ...anyway... - hopefully they're there" - John hicks in every video ever

" Beautiful day in downtown los Angeles I think the weather is perfect for riding, actually sometimes it's just too hot and you can't ride but yeah sometimes it's perfect, let's hope it stays like this... Perfect I mean... not too hot ..we will see I guess...moving forward"

John hicks.talks about how he's the most knowledgeable guy in bmx about cameras then films an entire dialogue in his car and you can't hear a word he's saying and you wish you were watching a video with Adam lz production

Overall he's vlogs have greatly imoroved in terms of video and sound quality - less camera shake and less poor audio.  He is also consistent with releasing content, and has a theme with intro music and drone shots.

I don't watch every one and dont look forward to them.  Biggest detractor is his way of interacting with the camera where he doesn't make clear statements and just kinda warbles off and finishes with a "moving on" or "anyway" or a generally positive comment like "let's hope [this doesn't happen or this happens]" as alluded to above lol


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